The Power of Consistent Focus

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If you’ve been in the property business for a while, you’ve probably invested heavily in what you are doing. You can probably see great potential future growth from all the work that you’ve put in so far but may have not yet fully realised or monetised it.

The exponential curve graph illustrates this point well.

When you set up in property (or indeed any business) you have to put in the work first of all, virtually for free or for very little money, before you start to get paid back. You have to have a degree of faith that those results will come. But inevitably if you are focusing on the right tasks and you have got good people around you, the results will come…
But it won’t happen overnight.

If you keep focused on what you are doing (and don’t change every time there’s a challenge or a new exciting sounding opportunity) that will make it so much easier for you to systemise what you are doing.

Systemisation will enable you to scale.

And scale is what will lead to compounding. That beautiful part of the curve that we all want to be in where the results of all your previous time, focus and systemisation start to pay you back well in excess of the time that you are putting in at that point.

The power of consistent focus. Not sexy, but absolutely GLORIOUS in my opinion.

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